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About Reckless Outerwear

Established in 2013, Reckless Outerwear is an extreme sports and adventure inspired clothing company based in North Devon, UK.
We design and produce apparel for extreme sports and adventure enthusiasts and athletes. All of our products big and small are embroidered, printed and sewn locally in North Devon by local businesses or by ourselves. In particular much of our custom sewing work is completed by the maestro that is owner Ben's Grandma Christine. We use recycled and biodegradable packaging to send out all of our ordered products to be as green as possible - we love our environment and want to look after it.
We also produce team, club and society apparel at competitive prices so contact us via email if you are in need. We are able to print and embroider any artwork upon almost anything.
We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so don't hesitate to get in touch.


Reckless - showing no regard for danger or consequences of one's actions - a trait often necessary to progress in extreme sports and one we are proud to wear and represent.


 The main driving force behind Reckless Outerwear is owner Ben's desire to promote participation in extreme sports and adventure activities for combatting mental health problems. Being a long-term sufferer from mental illness himself, Ben wants to raise awareness for mental health and promote how extreme sports can be a powerful remedy to keep your head above water when living with mental health conditions.

We donate a percentage of our monthly proceeds to various UK mental health charities as it is a cause very close to our hearts. They all provide great insight into the widely misunderstood world of mental health as well as working closely with leading organisations and government to help raise awareness and provide the proper support on the ground to those in need. Whether you or a loved one have been affected by mental illness it is something we would urge you to further educate yourself about as it really can affect anyone you know right now, no matter how that person appears on the outside. 


Ben Grant (Owner, founder and designer)
Christine Grant (Grandma - knitting and sewing extraordinaire)