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Supporting Mental Health

The main driving force behind Reckless Outerwear is owner Ben's desire to promote participation in extreme sports and adventure activities for combatting mental health problems. Being a long-term sufferer from mental illness himself, Ben wants to raise awareness for mental health and promote how extreme sports can be a powerful remedy to keep your head above water when living with mental health conditions.
This year we ran a mental health awareness crowdfunder campaign called "Mental Health Matters"
The clothing range we created for this campaign is currently available from our online store!
We donate a percentage of our proceeds to various UK mental health charities each month as it is a cause very close to our hearts. They all provide great insight into the widely misunderstood world of mental health. They work closely with leading organisations and government to help raise awareness and provide the proper support on the ground to those in need. Whether or not you or a loved one have been affected by mental illness it is something we would urge you to further educate yourself about as it really can affect anyone you know right now no matter how that person appears on the outside. 
Here's who we've donated to so far: